Vinyl Cut Beer Labels

For my second upcoming batch of beer -an Imperial Nut Brown, I decided to take advantage of the vinyl cutter at the space to create some labels to distinguish my beer from the various other batches in progress. (It also helps in tracking bottles, which run ~$15/12 pack if you have to buy new ones). Originally I planned to simply use them as stencils for glass etching, but they look so dang good I think I’ll see how long they can stay on. It was recommended by SkyDog that I apply heat to make the labels more permanent, unfortunately they already contained beer, so next time I’ll try and apply labels before I bottle a batch. Future label ideas include Duff Beer and Nuka Cola.

Monday Night Fun

I spent the evening cleaning up and shortening the wiring on the prusa. I am about 1/3 of the way through the rewiring process. A few of the cables are still a little bit long. Saturday I should finish getting everything shortened up.

-Some Ninja

Prusa build-off aftermath

We kicked the build off at 8am on Saturday morning. We spent the next 16 hours building on our printers. We had lots of help from the Midsouth Makers group and Johnny and Cliff from ultimachine. We finally got printing around 4:30 pm Sunday afternoon. We appreciate everyone that came out and helped with the build.

Laser engraved gun cleaning kit

Today I decided to try engraving my new logo on my new gun cleaning kit. I think it turned out pretty well. I ran the laser at 100% speed and 5% power.

–Some Ninja

Saturday Update 02-04-2012

Saturday Update

Today we cleaned some more on the space in preparation for the Prusa build off next Saturday.

Wrench and Smug Stacy continued to work on their coding project.

Mudflap begin bottling the beer from 2 weekends ago so it can begin aging in the bottles. It should be ready in 2 weeks.

Skydog worked on some more of his tessellation lizards on the laser cutter.

Lowsider and Rious worked on their storage boxes.

I worked on assembling a nullspace labs cylon 2 kit but need to pickup some parts.

Gadget built a very cool model of the newest mars rover. He cut it out on the laser cutter and is working on a larger version.

Seeblind designed and built on the laser cutter a stand for his magic trackpad to make sit level.

Wrench made the suggestion that we should invest in some mechanics coveralls to wear around the space so that we don’t destroy our work clothes. I ordered the HC patches for them and I also ordered the name patches for them. The patches should be in at the end of next week. So those of us ordering the coveralls will be learning to sew.

Smug stacy

–Some Ninja

Prusa Build Update

Next Saturday will be our Prusa 3D printer build off. We will be providing the space and food and Midsouth Makers will be providing the expertise and the building materials. We will be building 8 printers onsite with a 9th person building theirs remotely. We will be building the printers all day Saturday then tuning them all day Sunday. There will be members from some of the surrounding hackerspaces coming to hang out and spectate in a mini maker meetup. We will be ustreaming the entire build process on Saturday and Sunday. The link for the ustream feed is we should be starting the stream at about 8am on Saturday. We want to thank Midsouth Makers for all of their help and support. If you would like to come hang out e-mail for more information.


Glass Tumbler

A work in progress: This old washing machine has set outside at my grandparents for at least 10 years. I brought it to the space a couple of months ago and have been in the process of turning it into a glass tumbler. With some luck, I’ll be able to turn smashed bottles into a smooth colorful gravel. While at first glance the machine seems suitable, much brainstorming has lead me to the conclusion that the design will ultimately be inefficient compared to, say a barrel sitting at a 45° angle on a small wheel that spins it. But hey- it looks cool, so I’m gonna try and see this model completion before I re-invent. Its “porous barrel inside a barrel” design means that I can either seal the inner barrel or contain the tumbling mixtures (sand, water and glass) within another container. Choosing the latter option, I am now on the lookout for some sturdy lightweight cylindrical containers measuring less than 11 inches in diameter (a 5 gallon bucket is too big).

2 color acrylic boxes first try

This was my first try at embedding a second color of acrylic into a box. I had pretty good luck with it. The biggest issue is I think I forgot to reset the laser height so it was cutting a little bit wider path than need be. This made some of the hearts fit kinda loose. I used acrylic weld to stick everything together. This time I left the top of the box open so that it could be used for a little bit of storage.

Hacker Consortium hosts Prusa 3D printer buildoff

On February 11 and 12 we will be hosting a Prusa 3D printer build off at the space. Right now we have 7 people that will be building their printer on site and one more person that will be joining us remotely. We will be streaming the build off via ustream on saturday and sunday. The plan is to spend all day saturday building the printer. Then spend all day sunday tuning the printers and printing a variety of things. We will be grilling out and welcome visitors. If you are interested in coming to hang out contact

Making Boxes

Box Maker is a useful little site that creates finger jointed box designs. Just input the dimensions and it spits out a pdf with each side jointed to interlock. Then just convert to SVG, laser cut, and glue it together! I started out making small arduino enclosures, but soon learned that with a few modifications the boxes could be made to have a functional top. Since then, I’ve made boxes in various sizes. The fun part is picking a design to etch into the top.

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