“hey look a View-Master, I had one of those growing up.” is what you may be thinking seeing this little guy here, well think again sonny Jim! This isn’t your mothers View-Master. No sir! What we have here is the idea of the View-master brought into the 21st century.

Long gone are the days of light shining through celluloid images on a disk… Long gone! Why this little feller here has Two, count them, 2 Colby 1.5 inch digital key chain picture frames lined up with each lens to create a digital stereoscope. Wait there’s more don’t go. What more you ask? Well this little device actually comes pretty damn close to doing stereoscope really well. It even surprised me!

The device functions very close to its original design, look through lens, see that new 3d thing all the kids are talking about, pull lever see new wondrous things! Black magic you say? Why would you say that? Now now put down the pitch fork and let me explain.

The two new digital screens sit inline with where the original design would have the dual film images sitting. When you pull the lever it taps a switch inside the gizmo to progress to the next image. Power is on the top, USB ports on the side. Just plug ‘er in load your images and or charge the screens, then you’re good to go. Childhood nostalgia brought back to your face!

Special thanks and birthday wishes to Skydog who lent great advice, words of encouragement and a helping hand when things went sour with the project.

Also A criminal sketch artists rendition of what a View-Master might look like.

But wait there is more!


Your trusted friend in science, Tuttle.

Instructable to come in the next few days.