How To Warm Up Your Cold Bedroom By Consumer Reports

Winter is coming!. Old Man Winter is nipping at your nose, cooling your toes and perhaps most worrying, driving up your utility expenses with the increased use of your heating system.

Winter Is Coming – Is Your Room Prepared?

Winter has come closer than ever, perhaps now you have not felt its breath. However,the bone-chilling air will  soon flood all over the place.

At the point when the outside breezes begin twirling in and chilling you deep down, there’s no place more comfortable and wonderful than your room. This spot is actually the spirit of a house.

Invigorate Your Bed With Warm Thoughts

1. Join with covers

On a winter’s night, nothing is warmer  than cuddling under a thick cover. What’s more, the memories of winter accompanied by the image of blankets always give us more warmth.. 

2. Outfitted with thick drapes

Room windows are the most common source of cold air and heat loss in the room.In this way, preparing thick window ornaments is a powerful method to fill the door jamb.

In the winter, you need a twofold layer drape with a thick inward layer that assists better withholding heat around evening time, and a more slender covering to keep in the sun during the day.

3. Shading

Surround yourself with warm hues.Decorate your bedroom with wall paintings with warmth, covers and pads utilizing warm hues (pink, red, yellow, …).

Utilize dull backdrop and limit colors too bright and fresh.Every step of this process will make your room become warmer than ever.

4. Include cover

In the summer, there’s nothing better than a sparkling marble floor or cool wood. But in the winter, they will make your toes confused when thinking of having to get out of bed in the morning.

Forget it now! I always have a solution for this.

With only a delicate delicate floor covering the sides of the bed and a comfortable fleece rug in the center of the room, this trouble will become a thing of the past.

The use of carpets is not only an effective way to keep warm in winter but also a useful method to increase the aesthetics of the room.

5. Warm lighting

Professional fashionists say that light can create or break up the style theme of an object- especially in a space as small as the room.

Lessen the force on your light to a milder level, utilizing a nightlight that sparkles yellow rather than an unadulterated white.The diminish lights assist you with getting ready for rest, yet in addition carry comfort to your room.

6. Include a few aromas

I am a light someone who is addicted however I once in a while use candles in the room for dread I will rest and overlook them, after which everybody will most likely conjecture.

Rather, I include pineapple, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla to a container hanging at the bedside or put on a vanity, the aroma of them truly gives me loosening up minutes.

7. Another sleeping cushion

At the day’s end, when everything is set aside, the bed turns into our top concern.

On the off chance that your bedding is more than 10 years of age or you feel better dozing when not in your bed, at that point maybe you ought to think about purchasing another one.

A new mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep for you winter


I hope with the following tips above you can have a cozy bedroom for yourself in the winter. Just be creative and do what you like. Thank you for reading my review.


Top 4 Best Toilets Under $300 By Consumer Reports of 2020

As a middle-class citizen who does not want to settle for the less either does he has the capability of buying an expensive toilet, it is sometimes hard to satisfy this want. But fortunately for you, this article is written to give you the best toilets you can get with just spending some cheap about money which is not expensive.

You can have these toilets, and you would never believe you had gotten them at this price rate. These best toilets are:

Best Toilets Under $300

TOTO CST744SL #01 Drake Two-piece Ada Toilet

This is a two-piece elongated shaped toilet model. It comes in a cotton finish. Also, it comes with a G-Max flushing system that helps to make your flushing system that helps to make your flushing fast, smooth and quiet. It is a commercial grade flushing performance.

Moreover, it comes with a Softclose seat that enhances the durability of the toilet seat by preventing it from being slammed and banged and making no noise. It is a universal height toilet that meets the ADA-compliance. As a result of the presence of the G-Max flushing system, the toilet can get rid of all the waste while just using 1.6 gallons of water per flush with every press of the side-mounted chrome lever. Another unique feature about the toilet is that it’s wide 3-inch flush valve is 125 percent larger than conventional 2-inch flush valves.


  • Comes with a G-Max flushing system
  • Presence of Softclose seat
  • ADA-compliant
  • Universal Height
  • Low water consumption rate


  • It has only 12 months warranty

Niagara 77001WHCOL Stealth

Unlike most toilets at this price range, this toilet uses 0.8-gallon water per flush which is incredibly low for the power that its pack. Therefore, this toilet helps more to save money spent on water supply, Niagara 77001WHC01 stealth is an elongated bowl-shaped toilet. It is made from a vitreous China that always keep it clean and shining when or after usage.

It has an ultra-high-efficiency flush that flushes all waste product bath liquid and solid entirely without leaving any dirt behind. Compared to other toilets, it is an extremely quiet one that hardly can someone in the next room know you are using the toilet. It is an EPA WaterSense certified.


  • Ultra-high-efficiency flush
  • Uses just 0.8 gallons per flush
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • ADA-compliant
  • Made of Vitreous China


  • No seat

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake Two-piece

This model is a two-piece, elongate bowl shape with a white finish. Also, it has its hardware two-piece chrome. It is made from chrome. It is made from a ceramic, which makes it attractive to the users. The product is the combination of the bowl along with ST743S-01 Tank and SS114-01 seat. It comes with a G-Max which helps to flush easily without making noise or leaving any waste behind.

Nevertheless, this toilet is made alongside a Softclose seat that does not allow or give room for the slamming of the seat which enhances the durability of the product. This product’s high-profit has a contemporary look that will look good in any bathroom. It has a Sanagloss Coating and ion barrier that gets your bowl clean at every flush.


  • G-Max flushing system
  • Soft close seat and lid
  • Made from a ceramic material
  • Comes with a Sanagloss coating


  • Does not come with a seat

American Standard 2862.056.020 Fairfield Elongated One-Piece Toilet with Seat

This toilet model is a one-piece elongated shape toilet. This toilet allows you to reduce your water consumption by using 1.6 gallons per flush. Also, it comes with high-quality vitreous china that makes it’s a great compliment on any minimalist or modern toilet. The presence of Elongated Siphon jet bowl technology to ensure you get your waste flushed without hassle.

That is, the toilet performs its founding operation in a silent and fast mode and at the same time making the toilet clean. Also, it comes with a flush valve about 3 inches that ensure every flush is powerful enough. Besides, this model has seat included unlike most cheap toilet out there.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Siphon jet bowl technology
  • 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Seat included


  • The toilet might leak at the flap

How To Choose A Perfect Bed For Your Pet By Consumer Reports

Dogs and cats in particular and other pets in general are very active. Therefore, they need a good sleep to regain energy and recover. A bed with a soft and comfortable mattress can be a nice option to help your pet have a good sleep. Let’s bear these tips in your mind when you have a plan to buy a bed for your cute pets:

How to choose a perfect pet bed

Estimate your pet size and weight

Make your the bed you buy fits the size of your pets. Keep in mind these questions: How big is my pet? Is he heavy or light? Is he comfortable with this bed?

Pay attention to fitness. Fitness doesn’t mean the bed completely fits every edge of your pet. Make sure you give them extra space to flexibly contract and stretch. Some pets such as dogs may have unpleasant feelings if they are placed in a cramped condition. 

Consider their sleeping habits

Dogs and cats sleep more than humans, about 14 hours a day in average. While cats enjoy sleeping with curling-up posture, the ways dogs sleep vary from curling up, stretching out to on the side or sprawling out on their tummy.

There are many different kinds of bed with exceptional features to give them utter comfort in terms of their preferred sleeping styles. For examples, pets with curling-up posture may take delight in a smaller beds than those who stretch out.

A suitable mattress for your dog’s good sleep

Consider the color

Colors can speak. Although some kinds of pets are color-blind, choosing the suitable color is very important with a view to satisfy the decorating tastes.

It means you should take the harmony of the main color in your room into consideration. A pet bed with green color or with nature patterns may be ideal for a green or blue room.

Be aware of the white color! As your dogs or cats are very active, they may quickly dirty their bed. White color is more likely to get stained. Dark colors like brown or grey may work well in this case.

Some kinds of dog bed

Nesting dog bed

This type of bed is suitable for dogs with curling-up sleeping habits. Nesting dog bed has the appearance of a nest due to the raised edges surrounding the bed and a deep hole inside.

Kennel dog bed

Kennel dog bed

As the name suggests, the shape of this type of bed looks like a real kennel. This bed will be a good option for furry friends who love staying inside their own house. The mattress is often thinner than other kinds of bed to prevent the house from becoming too hot.

Standard dog bed

This the most common type of dog bed with simple features. They look like a cushion with different shapes and colors. For instance, the most popular shapes are oval and circle which are comfortable for dogs to lie down on.

Some kinds of cat bed

1. Basket

A basket with soft mattress inside is one of the most common cat beds. This bed can make cats feel safe and comfortable when staying in.

2. Mat

A kitty mat seems to be simple. However, they can be the fastest as well as the most favorite way of providing your cats a place to rest.

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when making a purchase on the pet bed. A good bed with suitable mattress can become the best place for your lovely pets to rest.