How To Choose A Perfect Bed For Your Pet

Dogs and cats in particular and other pets in general are very active. Therefore, they need a good sleep to regain energy and recover. A bed with a soft and comfortable mattress can be a nice option to help your pet have a good sleep. Let’s bear these tips in your mind when you have a plan to buy a bed for your cute pets:

How to choose a perfect pet bed

Estimate your pet size and weight

Make your the bed you buy fits the size of your pets. Keep in mind these questions: How big is my pet? Is he heavy or light? Is he comfortable with this bed?

Pay attention to fitness. Fitness doesn’t mean the bed completely fits every edge of your pet. Make sure you give them extra space to flexibly contract and stretch. Some pets such as dogs may have unpleasant feelings if they are placed in a cramped condition. 

Consider their sleeping habits

Dogs and cats sleep more than humans, about 14 hours a day in average. While cats enjoy sleeping with curling-up posture, the ways dogs sleep vary from curling up, stretching out to on the side or sprawling out on their tummy.

There are many different kinds of bed with exceptional features to give them utter comfort in terms of their preferred sleeping styles. For examples, pets with curling-up posture may take delight in a smaller beds than those who stretch out.

A suitable mattress for your dog’s good sleep

Consider the color

Colors can speak. Although some kinds of pets are color-blind, choosing the suitable color is very important with a view to satisfy the decorating tastes.

It means you should take the harmony of the main color in your room into consideration. A pet bed with green color or with nature patterns may be ideal for a green or blue room.

Be aware of the white color! As your dogs or cats are very active, they may quickly dirty their bed. White color is more likely to get stained. Dark colors like brown or grey may work well in this case.

Some kinds of dog bed

Nesting dog bed

This type of bed is suitable for dogs with curling-up sleeping habits. Nesting dog bed has the appearance of a nest due to the raised edges surrounding the bed and a deep hole inside.

Kennel dog bed

Kennel dog bed

As the name suggests, the shape of this type of bed looks like a real kennel. This bed will be a good option for furry friends who love staying inside their own house. The mattress is often thinner than other kinds of bed to prevent the house from becoming too hot.

Standard dog bed

This the most common type of dog bed with simple features. They look like a cushion with different shapes and colors. For instance, the most popular shapes are oval and circle which are comfortable for dogs to lie down on.

Some kinds of cat bed

1. Basket

A basket with soft mattress inside is one of the most common cat beds. This bed can make cats feel safe and comfortable when staying in.

2. Mat

A kitty mat seems to be simple. However, they can be the fastest as well as the most favorite way of providing your cats a place to rest.

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when making a purchase on the pet bed. A good bed with suitable mattress can become the best place for your lovely pets to rest.